Stern Thrusters

In addition to serving as the premier boat buying and selling service on the internet, is pleased to offer our customers the best in stern thrusters. We sell the finest externally mounted stern thruster available.

Each SideShift is easy to maintain and use, making it a popular choice for all types of boaters. All you have to do to keep it running is to change the anodes once a year to protect from corrosion. Operation is also uncomplicated, toggle left or toggle right, and you have the ability to reverse direction.

Installation is much less complicated and intrusive than with fixed thrusters because the SideShift stern thruster is externally mounted. The total time for installation is between four and five hours. Just make sure that you follow the enclosed instructions carefully, especially when it comes to determining the highest float point of the boat in order to ensure proper placement and avoid cavitation.

What is a stern thruster?
It is a propulsion device that is conventionally mounted on the stern of a boat that allows the operator to move the stern in a port or starboard (left or right) direction. It
will drastically improve an operator’s ability to man over a boat which is especially useful when docking, navigating through locks, or operating on windy days.


SternThrusters.Net provides worldwide sales of a revolutionary product called SIDESHIFT. Our stern thrusters are designed to be compact while providing unsurpassed power with minimal cool down time. If you’re looking for a high performance stern thrusters look no further!

Looking for a Bow Thruster?

Model ST 340


The ST 340 is made specifically for boating vessels up to 40 feet in length.

• 24” Wide X 10” Long
• 12 Volt DC, 550 Amps, Dual Prop
PDF Download brochure

Model ST 350


The ST 350 is made specifically for boating vessels up to 50 feet in length.

• 24” Wide X 10” Long
• 24 Volt DC, 400 Amps, Dual Prop
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